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•   Red Wood
•   MDF
•   Structural Steel
•   M.S. Pipes
•   National Paints
•   Electrical items
•   Op Cement
•   Round Bars
•   Bitumen Paints
•   White Wood
•   Deformed Bars
•   G.I . Pipes
•   M.S Tubes
•   Sadolin Paints
•   Sanitary Items
•   White Cement
•   Flat Bars
•   Red Meranti

Dhofar Al-Shamela Trad.&Cont.Co LLc
P o  Box :  107  ,Salalah  217
Sultanate of Oman
Tel : +968   23 211 606
          +968   23 211 642
          +968   23 211 613
Our Products :-

We will be a recognized symbol of excellence, innovating continuously, seizing opportunities and setting the
Standard to become a renowned leader in the Business hub of Sultanate of Oman. Our effort has always
been directed towards providing our valued customers that extra bit of service which in turn help them 
Economically and time saving affairs more effectively. Our mission is to continue serving the people of
Sultanate of Oman by continuously striving to raise the benchmark in customer service, thereby increasing
The general level of customer satisfaction in the Sultanate of Oman.
We are committed to earning the trust of our customers around the Sultanate of Oman by providing them
with the quality materials at reasonable rate and prompt delivery of the materials in time for the entire 
Satisfaction of the customers.


To excel in serving the Sultanate of Oman by rendering Materials and services of the highest and
Uncompromising value.

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